About us

Modo began in 1998 in response to the need for a specialist and creative packaging company to service the entertainment business.

Modo is able to offer a vast range of products that are already available in the market place but specialises in designing and creating new and exciting packaging that enhances the product at retail but remains within budgetary guidelines.

Modo has a global supplier base that enables it to be competitive and source a huge variety of materials and products.

Modo has in-house design and access to a pool of creative talent that enables it to offer creative solutions to any company from EMI to Evian.

Modo keeps itself at the cutting edge of creative packaging and by using a vast number of different suppliers and designers it is able to proactively service the home entertainment market.

Modo can manage production runs from one to one million units and upwards, and it is successful and well skilled at running complex projects. The bringing together of all the elements for some of the bespoke projects can be a logistical challenge but something that we manage with the utmost efficiency.