Fatboy Slim / big beach boutique 5

Norm’s Big Beach Boutique shows are the stuff of legend in Brighton. No one else has ever thrown a party on the beach for 250,000 of his closest friends. 2013’s outing was at the new Amex stadium, with the biggest production to date, and Anglo Management came to Modo needing a deluxe, commemorative box set.

A perfect souvenir of the day, the box contains a live CD and DVD of the show, a large-format booklet, a set of art cards taken from the gig’s big-screen visuals, an exclusive flexi disc, a badge and sticker. We love working for local artists, and this was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.

Spec: Rigid board lift-off-lid box printed 4 colours with gloss lamination. DVD and CD/DVD digipacks in dense foam fitment, art cards printed 4 colours with matt lamination, 7" colour booklet, vinyl flexidisc, event sticker and badge.